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Tips For Photographing 

Your Pet or Horse for a portrait painting

Friesian Horse Portrait Artist Fiona Purdy
Arabian Horse Portrait Artist Fiona Purdy

You've decided to have me paint your pet or horse's portrait.  

  • A very special portrait that will capture the essence of your pet,

      a painting that will keep their memory alive forever.  

  • A piece of fine art that you are paying to have created.  

To create the most perfect portrait of your pet, it all comes down

to the quality of photos that I will be using!

For me to create a portrait that both you and I are delighted and thrilled with, I require well lit, in-focus photos with lots of close-up detail.  (The only exception is if the animal has passed on, then I will work with the photos that are available.)


Sometimes my clients have a treasured photo that they really love, and I will always try my very best to work from that photo to create a beautiful portrait that's special for you.


But where ever possible I prefer to create pet portraits from photos I have taken. I am available for a photo shoot at a reasonable price (please contact me for details of my fees).

If I'm not able to photograph your pet myself, I have to rely on the photos that you provide.  However, please realize that the portrait I create will only be as good as the photos I have to work with.


To help you to take the best photos of your pet for a portrait, I've created an informative, easy to read tip sheet in a pdf format:

"Tips for Taking Great Photos of Your Pet"

Please click on the image of the cat being photographed (below) to read it and save to your computer if desired.

Please click on the boxes below to learn more about my custom pet portrait paintings

Let me paint a beautiful pet portrait tribute to the

LOVE you have for your precious pet. 

To arrange your FREE portrait consultation  email me 

-  or better yet

call me at 602.770.0529 to schedule! 

Member of the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog Artist Registry
Satifisfaction Guarantee for Pet Portrait
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