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I put my Heart & Soul into Painting

Your Pet's Heart & Soul

how I Create PET PortraitS 

Photo for painted pet portrait reference
Set up for hand Painted pet portrait in progress
In progress painted dog portrait of Italian greyhound
Painting progression of an Italian Greyhound pet portrait
Acrylic on canvas painted dog portrait progression
Final photo of completed painted portrait of Italian Greyhound on canvas
Framed pet painting on cnavas of a young Italian Greyhound dog
Italian Greyhound framed painted portrait left side view.jpg
Owner and Italian Greyhound with the completed hand painted pet portrait by pet artist Fiona Purdy
  • Quality materials: paint, ink, canvas, paper

  • Great photos of the animal

  • Knowledge of my subject's personality

  • Understanding my client's expectations

  • Attention to detail

  • Relying on practiced artistic techniques

  • Commitment to excellence

Over the past 25 years I've had the pleasure of creating hundreds of portraits.

While the subjects change - the process I use never does. 

I only use materials of the highest quality for my paintings, the portraits I create will last for many, many years to come.

Steps I take when I create a pet portrait:

  1. Prep the canvas/cut paper to size

  2. Sketch the subject onto the surface I'm using

  3. Portraits on canvas - painting the sides

  4. Paint the background elements

  5. Paint the border elements (if this style has been chosen)

  6. Paint the animal

  7. Spray the finished portrait with a matt spray varnish

  8. Attach hanging wire/attach double mats (to portrait on paper)


Golden Retriever Pet Portrait Progression
Progression of a painted Cat Portrait
Progression of a portrait Hanna.jpg
Progression of a portrait Roscoe.jpg

As you can see, I put a lot of work & effort into the creation of a pet portrait!

Please click on the boxes below to learn more about my custom pet portrait paintings

If you've decided that you'd like to have me create a beautiful portrait 

of your favorite animal in one of my unique styles

 email me  -  or better yet call me at 602.770.0529

to schedule your FREE portrait consultation to discuss!  

Member of the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog Artist Registry
Satifisfaction Guarantee for Pet Portrait
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