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 Styles Of Pet Portraits I create

I create portraits of precious pets & horses & pet birds in two different painting techniques, and in many styles. I paint in Acrylic on custom canvas* and also in Pen & Ink with Acrylic on fine art paper.

My artistic style ranges from formal & traditional, to fun & whimsical.  Whatever style a pet owner prefers in artwork, I can create it.

I paint realistic portrayals of pets, painting their likeness with lots & lots of detail. Equally important, however, is that I am able to capture the animal's unique character and personality.  


My clients never fail to tell me that I have captured the soul of their pet! My distinctive trademark borders and painted frames add an additional dimension and artistry to any portrait.

Whatever style you choose for a custom portrait of your beautiful dog, cat,horse or bird, it is my promise that you will be 100% satisfied and will adore it forever!

* I typically use a style of canvas with wide sides (called a gallery wrap canvas).  I use this type of canvas because I can paint the sides, and add small design details to add interest and special meaning to the portrait.  See images below for examples.

Pet Portrait Canvas Side View

Background design & color

continues to sides

Custom Pet Painting of Cairn Terrier dog

A border of poppies surrounds

a little dog named Poppy

Golden Retriever Custom Painted Portrait
Toy painted on side of pet portrait

Doobie the Retriever's favorite toy

appears on both sides of the canvas.

A Heart icon shows what your pet means to you

Pet portrait painting by pet portrait artist Fiona Purdy of Mac a Tabby cat

Scroll down to see examples of the many different styles of paintings to choose from 

for your one-of-a-kind custom portrait of your cherished pet or horse or bird.

Acrylic on Canvas Portrait Styles 

Abstract background

Painted dog portrait of Sissy by United States pet portrait artist, Fiona Purdy

Detailed background

Hand painted custom pert portrait of Brat a Daschhund.

Abstract background, two or more pets

Custom painted dog portrait Italian Greyhounds

Simple one color border

Aloha, a Cocker Spaniel, custom painted portrait


(See examples below)

The borders I paint around my pet portrait paintings are very popular!

My borders, create an added layer of interest and fine art treatment in the portrait.  

The majority of portraits I create in this style have a part of the animal's body painted in front of the border. This makes the subject feel more three-dimensional and it seems like the animal is coming right out off the canvas!

I can also tell more of the animal's story by adding details & icons to the border (both on front and on the side of the canvas - and frame) - such as a favorite toy or ball, or something that references the pet's name, personality etc.

Complex border and Custom decorated frame

Complex Trademark border

Pet portrait painting of 2 Bull Terriers by Arizona animal artist Fiona Purdy
Commissioned Donkey portrait hand painted on canvas and custom hand painted frame by artist Fiona Purdy

Ink & Acrylic on Paper Portraits 

Abstract background

Tennessee Walking Horse Painted Portrait

Detailed background

Black & White Cat Pet Portrait

Abstract background, two or more pets

Custom Pet Portraits Pug Dogs

Double Portrait

Pet as a baby and as an adult

(can also do this as an acrylic on canvas)

Painted portrait of King Charles Cavalier Dog

Please click on the boxes below to learn more about my custom pet portrait paintings

If you've decided that you'd like to have me create a beautiful portrait 

of your favorite pet in one of my unique styles

 email me  -  or better yet call me at 602.770.0529

to schedule your FREE portrait consultation to discuss!  

Member of the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog Artist Registry
Satifisfaction Guarantee for Pet Portrait
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