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pet portraits in acrylic on canvas 

Horse Portrait Gallery 

Reference photo for painted horse portrait of Lady, a quarter horse


Hand painted horse portrait of Lady, a paint quarter horse.

Custom horse portrait painting of Lady a Paint Quarter Horse Mare, painted by professional horse portrait artist Fiona Purdy from photos

Here are a few of the fine art portrait paintings

I've recently created for delighted horse owners world wide.

  • Canvas size ranges from 4" x 4" up to  30" x 40" 

  • Prices starting at $600, unframed

  • Portraits can be created with a custom border or without.

  • Custom painted frames are available.

Click on each horse's portrait below for a larger view and full information

Acrylic on two canvases horse portrait of Badger, hand painted by professional horse portraitist Fiona Purdy.
Acrylic on double canvas horse portrait of Badger, hand painted by professional horse portraitist Fiona Purdy.


Painted horse portrait, also titled,"He Read Him Right".  Badger is a Cutting Horse.  Here he is in action, hard at work. This is a double canvas portrait.  The border design matches the design and colors of the rider's custom made chaps.

Acrylic on canvas horse portrait of Champion Arabian Stallion Selket Marque, with trademark border painted by professional horse portrait artist Fiona Purdy.

Selket Marque

Custom horse portrait painting of Selket Marque, a Bay Arabian Stallion, owned by Color of Fame Arabians, Germany

Acrylic on canvas hand painted portrait of Sir Ruben, painted by Fiona Purdy, a professional horse portrait artist.

Horse portrait painting on canvas of Sir Ruben, a Fresian Horse.   Sir Ruben was one of three Fresian's who participated in the Portland Rose Festival.  All of horses' manes were adorned with beautiful fresh red roses, hence the roses climbing on the trellis on the hand painted border.

Sir Ruben -"Roses, Roses, All the Way" 

Hand painted portrait of Tex, a quarter horse, acrylic on gallery wrap canvas with a custom painted frame created by Fiona Purdy, a talented horse portrait painter.


Painted horse portrait of Tex, a Quarter Horse. This portrait has a custom painted border and a custom hand painted frame.  The design on both represent cowboy boot stitching and the weathered star matches the star on Tex's bridle.

Handpainted horse portrait of First Class Ticket, a Paint Horse Hunter Jumper. Painted by horse artist Fiona Purdy, Scottsdale, Arizona USA

First Class Ticket

Hand painted horse portrait painting of First Class Ticket, a Paint Horse who is a Hunter Jumper

Custom painted horse portrait of Tally, a Shire Horse Mare, painted by professional horse portrait artist Fiona Purdy from photos


 Portrait painting of Tally, a Shire Horse Mare

Hand painted horse portrait on canvas in acrylic of Tommy, an Arabian Stallion. Painted by horse and pet portrait artist Fiona Purdy.


Hand painted horse portrait of Tommy,

an Arabian Stallion

Custom painted horse portrait of Prydarson, a Fjord Horse stallion, painted by horse portrait artist Fiona Purdy, USA


Custom horse portrait paintings of Prydarson, a Fjord Horse.  He is the highest-rated evaluated Norwegian Fjord Stallion in North America,.  Owned by Bob & Donna Long, of Long View Grange Farm, master breeders of Fjord Horses.  Visit their website:

Arabian horse portrait of Zahbaad Zahir with custom made Arabian tack.  Acrylic horse painting on canvas

Zahbadd Zahir

Portrait of Zahbadd Zahir, a gorgeous Arabian Stallion.  He is owned by Lisa Abraham.  I've painted him in his beautiful custom halter and breast piece  created especially for him, with elements appearing in the border as well.   Lisa  is a very talented Equine photographer and journalist working in the world of Arabian Horses.   Please visit her website:

See Horse Portraits created in my other style of pet portrait painting - Pen/Ink & Acrylic on Fine Art Paper:


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