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 framing options For Your 

Pet Portrait

Complete your portrait with a beautiful custom frame.
Let me create a perfect frame or I can assist you in choosing and mounting your pet's beautiful portrait in the perfect frame...

Cat portrait painting of Little Bear a lilac himalyan cat with custom individualized painted frame by Fiona Purdy cat painting artist
Dog portrait painting of Lilly a younf Chihuahua with custom individualized painted frame by Fiona Purdy dog painting artist

portrait of Little Bear: lilac Himalayan Cat 

With framing Option twO:

Custom handpainted metallic frame

portrait of lilly: chihuahua 
With framing Option three:
Custom hand painted frame that is
individualized to pet

I offer a variety of options for framing your pet's portrait painting.

This is an important part of the consultation process that I have with any one who commissions me to create a painting of their dog, cat or horse as the price differs between options.


On this page you'll find examples of the different framing options I offer to enhance the portrait of your fur kiddo in a very special way!

Scroll down to see all of the options.  I know you'll find something to suit your taste.

 Option one 

My portraits on canvas don't require framing!

I use canvas with 1 1/2" wide sides (called gallery wrapped canvas)

The sides are painted, so the portrait can be hung without a frame.  They can also stand on a bookcase, table or mantlepiece. 

Perfect for people who have limited wall space, or renters who cannot hammer nails or picture hangers into walls.

Tortoiseshell Cat Pet Painting
Custom hand painted portrait Golden Retriever
Painted pet portrait Cocker Spaniel

 Option TWO 

If a frame is desired

Often I paint design elements on the sides of the canvas which are meant to be seen. A local artisan framer hand makes these custom frames for me where the portrait is mounted on top of (instead of under) the frame. These frames come standard in black or dark brown stain, but I can paint them any color desired - even metallic!

Wheaten Terrier Dogs pet portrait
Handpainted Airedale Terrier Dog portrait

 Option three 

My favorite!

My speciality is to have the frame become a part of the artwork.  It's a further extension of my trademark border designs.   It seems to me such a waste to not use the frame's surface!  I can paint the frame with elements that tell the pet's or horse's story or icons of objects the animal loves - e.g. tennis balls, play toys, or a design that compliments the portrait.  This is where the painting being mounted on top of the frame works really well.  

Hand painted Hound dog portrait
Custom framed painted dog portrait

 Option four 

Traditional framing is also available for both style of portraits I create

My Ink & Acrylic pet portraits on fine art paper must be framed under glass, to protect the portrait.

All of my pet paintings can also be traditionally framed.  Acrylic & Ink must be framed under glass.

can arrange to have a traditional custom frame made for your portrait by a professional framer I work with here in Scottsdale, Arizona (extra fee will apply).

They provide a high standard of quality framing at reasonable prices.

They can create a perfect frame for your portrait, in hundreds of moldings, and colors, including floater frames and shadowboxes.

Acrylic & Ink on Paper custom framing

Pet portrait Artist Fiona Purdy fine art pet portrait of Runa & Lobo framed

 Acrylic on Canvas custom framing 

Hunter Jumper Horse painted portrait

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  To arrange your FREE portrait consultation where we can discuss everything - including framing options  

 email me  -  or better yet call me at 602.770.0529 to schedule!   

Member of the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog Artist Registry
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