Pet Portraits by Fiona Purdy


Painted Portraits that capture 

the hearts & souls of cherished pets

Have a stunning fine art portrait of your precious pet or horse painted

- a work of art that will keep them close to you forever! 

Painted Pet Portrait of Bailey a Golden Dooodle
Pet portrait painting of Scout a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel dog.jpg


I specialize in custom, hand painted dog portraits, cat portraits and horse portraits on canvas or fine art paper, from photos.

For nearly 30 years, I've lovingly created hundreds of commissioned paintings of beloved dogs, cats, horses & pet birds for their delighted and satisfied owners in the USA & Internationally.

I'm Fiona Purdy, a professional pet/horse portrait artist based in Scottsdale, Arizona

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Member of the American Kennel Club's Museum of the Dog Artist Registry
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I have lots of photos of my pet/horse -

So Why Should I Have a Portrait Painted ?

  • A portrait painting is alive and three-dimensional, bursting with your pet's personality vs the flatness of a photo.

  • Photos fade, while a pet painting can last for hundreds of years.

  • You love art and you ADORE your dog, cat, horse, or pet bird.

  • A portrait of your sweet pet is a way to honor all the joy, laughter & LOVE that they bring to your life.

  • It's a beautiful piece of fine art that you'll enjoy looking at & it will become your most favorite painting in your collection. 

  • A painting of your pet is a delightful way to keep your beloved animal close to your heart, ALWAYS.

  • A portrait makes a memorable, heart-felt gift for the pet lover in your life. 

Kiha, a pit bull terrier with her custom pet portrait.


I absolutely love love love the portrait you did of Kiha!! It’s amazing and I can’t wait to hang it!!  She looks absolutely perfect!!  You really did do an amazing job painting her personality. 

Thank you so much,

Rachel T. - Houston, TX

I create portraits in 2 different painting styles. 

Click either of the dog portraits below to see portraits in each style.

It's Fun & so Easy!

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The process couldn't be simpler. It's a collaboration between us.

I work from photos - either supplied by you, or taken by me in person...

& Sizes

Complete your portrait with a beautiful custom frame.

Let me assist you in choosing and mounting your pet's beautiful portrait in the perfect frame...

Thrill that special pet lover with an extraordinary gift. Imagine the reaction you'll get when they receive a fine art portrait of their much loved dog, cat or horse...


I offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee that you will

be thrilled with the portrait I paint of your pet.

Reference photo of German Shepherd for custom painted pet portrait
Pet Portrait of Kona German Shepherd.jpg
Custom portrait painting of Franklin a German Shepherd by pet portrait artist Fiona Purdy
Reference photo for pet portrait of German Shepherd

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